February 7, 2009

Naturally Loved: Part Four

During times of change in our lives the support of friends and family is so important. It makes us stronger, it places a root into our beliefs and aspirations. We maintain stability and flourish with the love and admiration of our loved ones. These are healthy relationships that help us build character and avoid negative surroundings.
Deciding to embrace your hair as it is can be a dramatic change, having trusted friends and family around to lean on is a must. You cannot rely on the products and tools themselves to assist you in making the transition. Your friends and family are important because a huge part of this transition is psychological. You may question your decision and speaking about it can give encouragement when times of doubt arise. Even if this is not you and you are absolutely sure of your decision it is even more exciting to share it with people who love you. Surround yourself with other naturals and build a network of people who are like minded.
Over the past few months I have seen a handful of naturals decide to relax their hair once more. Some have regretted it and have again did a big chop, some are slowly growing the relaxer out and others are content with their decision. All choices made should be personal ones but actions speak louder than words. Deciding to do a big chop again says a lot and so does growing out a relaxer in order to go back to having natural tresses. We may get overwhelmed with what the notion of beauty is, using chemicals is not the way. We can achieve straight hair temporarily by using safe methods that aren't as damaging to our hair and health as relaxers are. Keep Strong and keep the kynk.

Happy Growing,



Dαsια ♥ said...

All of what you were saying is so true. I think that when transitioning, you don't always get the support and motivation you need. But, going natural is one of the strongest and bravest things someone can do.

Nu Kynk said...

I completely agree