February 4, 2009

Chris Rock's "Good Hair"

Chris Rock's "Good Hair" explores what hair means to people of African descent. The idea came about after his daughter Lola came in one day from playing out side and asked him "Daddy, why don't I have good hair?" The documentary was originally suppose to focus on the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show but grew into something more significant. It was entered into the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and I can't wait to watch it. He travels across America and speaks to Maya Angelou, Ice-T, Nia Long, and Raven Simone just to name a few. He even travels to India to discuss with locals the infamous Indian hair that we prize so much, which is one of their biggest exports, crazy! I've also included a link to an interview he did with salon.com, just click here.


Ebony Intuition said...

Not sure if I want to see this, I think the whole good hair bad hair just needs to be thrown in the garbage, its damaging to youn girls. And doesn't prove anything really.

Nu Kynk said...

people still embrace cetain mindsets and educating ourselves is a good way to ensure the next generation is more enlightened. Their are alot of people who still live by this way of thinking when it comes to their hair, people chose how they want to wear their hair, unfortunately some think their hair "wont look good natural" (Sigh).
Thanks for the comment Ebony, I like discussing these topics:)

Nae said...

I know I'm all late with my comment, but I'm just seeing this. Did the movie come out? I think any hair that grows is good hair. I hate it when I hear comments about good/bad hair, and when I do, I tell them that as long as it grows the way God made it, it's ALL good hair. (of course i really want to grab them & shake them and shout "embrace your naps people" lol)